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When I began this blog, many moons ago, I had no idea that it would continue as long as it has. But it did, either because I had something to say or because I had something I couldn’t not say, and the result continues to morph and expand as, daily, a few hundred or a thousand more words get added to the pile of musings that make up south bay cycling and all that surrounds it.

After after a few years it made sense to try and separate the wheat from the chaff, throw away the wheat, and make a book out of the chaff that remained, a book that would sum up the worst, and occasionally the best, of what’s it’s like to ride your bike in Los Angeles and its environs. The thousands of pages and millions of words that have made up this blog since 2011 years have been refined, purified, purged, pared, and edited down to their barest essentials. The result? A book entitled, surprise, “Cycling in the South Bay.”

You can buy it here: Amazon digital format, compatible with the Kindle, or paperback for the old-fashioned among us. If you read it, adding a review at Amazon would be greatly appreciated!

cycling in the south bay book

Cycling in the South Bay



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