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You’ve discovered the home of the Wankmeister and his legal disclaimer. That’s apparently what happens when you Google “narrow ass gay cyclist porn Devil’s Punchbowl 2012.” It is a humble little abode, built as it is of electrons and populated with  strange and  irreverent thoughts. Despite being in the heart of the overcrowded, toxic shithole that is Los Angeles, Wanky’s South Bay stomping grounds are chock full of spectacular rides and are blessed with blissful year-round riding weather. I’d invite you to come stay with us but we’re really busy that week.

This blog consists entirely of my opinions regarding cycling, cyclists, training, racing, and related matters, including vulgarity as it relates to cycling, and my full carbon wheels, which are made of 100% carbon and are full carbon. My legal disclaimer? Nothing on these pages regarding people, races, or events is anything other than fiction, satire, and parody. Although the urge is often irresistible to try and figure out “who” this is about, in reality it’s not about anyone, least of all you. Just take a deep breath when you think you’re the victim of some dogawful calumny and repeat, “Fiction, satire, parody. Fiction, satire, parody.” It’s not real. And please don’t come up to me on some fucking ride and go, “Hey, Wankmeister!” He’s not real, either.

This is another way of saying that everything on this blog is true, except for the parts I make up, which is all of it.

All text copyright 2018 by Seth Davidson, totally copyrighted, trademarked, registered and shit.

Oh, yeah: I’m a lawyer, but nothing on this web site constitutes the creation of an attorney-client relationship between you and me. I’m not your lawyer, you’re not my client, and for the purposes of this blog, let’s keep it that way. This is an opinion blog, so don’t rely on it for anything other than entertainment, or as a way to start a fight. Legal commentary is my opinion only and not specific to your case, your problem, or something you saw on the tee-vee. Nothing here is a guarantee, warranty, or suggestion that I can help you on your legal matter in any way whatsoever. Any case results posted here should be regarded as nothing short of a fuggin’ miracle.

Seth at Telo

Seth Davidson racing at Telo