Pad your shorts thickly


This is simple even though you may have to sit down for a long time.

On Tuesday, September 27, at 5:30 PM in the council chambers of the city of Palos Verdes Estates, 340 Palos Verdes Dr West, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274, the city council will decide whether or not accept the recommendations of the traffic safety committee regarding the installation and placement of signs that say, and I quote, “Bikes May Use Full Lane.”

Although there has been an ongoing social media dust-up on the public toilet otherwise known as NextDoor regarding the issue, much of the negative commentary appears to be driven by a Lunada Bay Boy on Mom’s Couch who is likely creating fake accounts to talk to himself and gin up opposition (by patting his virtual self on his virtual back) to the signs.

What’s awesome about this tired, pudgy NIMBY is that he and his supposed supporters never show up. Like so many keyboard warriors, they are fierce and ferocious when it comes to anonymous attacks, but the minute they have to get out of their car, get off mom’s couch, or stand at a lectern and have their drivel videotaped they are suddenly too busy to, uh, do that.

What’s equally awesome is that the elected officials, the police, and the city’s employees have shown zero inclination to be pushed around. They know that their streets are public and that they have a duty to all road users. However they feel about slowing down for bicycles, none bears ill-will or hatred towards bikes, and all understand that everyone benefits from safer, slower streets.

As an example of how flaccid the opposition is, at the last city council meeting on Tuesday, after the Lunada Bay Boy on Mom’s Couch, urged his compatriots to appear and oppose the signage during the public comment section of the meeting, not a single person showed up to do so. Especially Lunada Bay Loser on Mom’s Couch. The ringleader has never spoken at any of the meetings on bike signage for two simple reasons.

  1. There is no ring.
  2. There is no leader, because you can’t lead anyone when you have to ask Mom for her credit card to put gas in the Range Rover you bought with Mom as a co-signer.

Nonetheless, one reason that the city has gone from bicycle troglodyte to aggressive proponent of BMUFL signage and a comprehensive road safety plan is because cyclists continue to show up and advocate. When the city has seemed poised to waver, dozens of cyclists have taken the mic and spoken.

On September 27, we need you there.

If the city isn’t going to approve the recommendations, each person needs to be prepared to speak in defense of the traffic safety committee’s recommendations. If the city is going to approve the BMUFL signage and road safety plan, then everyone should be prepared to sit quietly and enjoy the distant sound of the Lunada Bay Boy on Mom’s Couch cracking open another 92-oz. bag of Chee-tohs as he fires pistol rounds into his TV as it live-streams the meeting.

Mom can buy him a new Samsung, but she can’t buy away the signs.


Because democracy happens when people show up.



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